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5 Mistakes Makeup Artists Wish Brides Would Stop Making

When you know better, you do better! Here are 5 mistakes brides should stop making when it comes to their bridal beauty:

💍 Over Arching your Brows: Brows are super important and help frame your face. Give your brows a break and let them grow out a bit before grooming them for the big day. Your makeup artist will be able to customize a shape for you that fits your face

💍 Getting Lash Extensions: As a pro makeup artist, Iash extensions get in the way of eyeshadow application. Not only that, but lots of styles overpower the eye making your eyes look much smaller. Instead of lash extensions, opt for individual lashes instead

💍 Using Retinol or Tretinoin: In the weeks leading up to your wedding: If your skin is overly exfoliated, irritated, or inflamed your makeup will not be able to adhere to your skin. Take a break from the prescriptive (at least 2 weeks) and allow your skin barrier to heal.

💍 Not Taking Care of your Skin: Makeup is only as good as the skin it sits on. And remember, makeup artists only deal with color not texture. So if you’re wanting a flawless base, seek the profession of a dermatologist or esthetician to ensure your makeup is in it’s top shape.

💍 Not Sharing Prep Instructions with your Bridesmaids: Let the girlies know to be on time to their makeup appointment with cleansed, makeup free skin. All showers must be had and all allergies must be known before the wedding day.

My name is Tamar and my team and I serve brides who want an elevated bridal beauty experience in the Dallas area. If you want more bridal beauty tips like these, visit our page to get your FREE, all-inclusive bridal beauty guide.

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