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7 Tips to Prepare for your Wedding Morning

With over 10 years of experience, we've had the honor and privilege and of being apart of many brides' wedding days. From Ohio, to Texas, to South Carolina and all the way to the Dominican Republic, we've seen it all. From our experience, we know that there are a few tips to prepare for your wedding morning that will aid in a seamless and stress-free day.

These tips are important because your wedding morning truly sets the tone for you entire day. Imagine not following this advice and the time allotted for your glam runs over, making you late for your ceremony and ultimately your reception. You could potentially lose thousands of dollars. But no worries Bride-to-Be we are here to alleviate all that stress. Here are 7 tips to help you prepare for your wedding morning.

Steam all dresses and your veil the day before

Coming in hot at number 1! Steam all dresses the day (or 2) before the wedding day. Hot steam will RUIN your professionally styled hair and makeup. Think about going into a sauna or steam room after you've gotten service. It's not a good idea! The hot, steamy air will also break down your glam and leave you looking like you just ran a marathon. Trust me, you don't want this headache!

Please be on time

Your bridal beauty team has created a schedule to ensure you're on time for your ceremony. They have allotted the perfect amount of time to apply your makeup and style your hair. Be sure that all bridal party members receiving services arrive at the same time to ensure everyone is served consecutively and to avoid late fees.

Have clean skin & dry hair

Everyone should arrive with clean, makeup free skin and dry hair. Our timeline is structured around having these steps completed to ensure you're punctual for your ceremony. Besides, who wants to wake up at the crack of dawn and be in glam ALL day. Help us, help you!

Groom your brows & remove facial hair

Your brows frame your face and can truly make or break your look, while makeup can accentuate unwanted facial hair. If you want a flawless finish that will look amazing in your expensive photos, ensure that your brows are groomed and unwanted facial hair is removed.

Drink lots of water

Did you know that your skin is the last organ to receive hydration from your water consumption? After long nights of drinking and staying up you'll need hydration. Water ensures that you're radiant from the inside out and allows your makeup to sit beautifully. Do yourself and your bridal beauty team a favor, and drink lots of water.

Avoid retinol & sunscreen

Stop retinol or other harsh products 2 weeks before. Retinol and tretinoin prevents makeup from adhering to the skin, while sunscreen does not work well in photography and film.

Create space

Be sure to book a well-lit space large enough to accommodate your bridal party, photographer, videographer, makeup artist(s), hair stylist(s), and anyone else who'll be in the 'get ready' room. It can easily get crowded and hot, so ensure your space is large enough to comfortably fit everyone. Providing a large table and enough outlets for your glam team, is always greatly appreciated. We have a LOT of stuff!

Pro tip: For stunning photos, ensure the background is free of clutter.

Want to have an elevated bridal beauty experience? Click the button below to be one step closer to booking the bridal glam team of your dreams.

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