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Avoid this Bridal Makeup Horror Story

I can’t tell you how many times I was booked for a wedding and some bridesmaids decided not to get their makeup done. Although offered the opportunity during planning, they didn't decide to get makeup UNTIL the day of the wedding.

By the time the wedding rolls around and they experience how hectic and frantic the wedding morning is, and they now have the added pressure to apply their own makeup that looks similar to everyone else’s AND is long-wearing, they’re desperate and need a professional to help them out. Not to mention after they see my work, they have immense regret for not booking.

So let's get into this horror story. There was a wedding that I was booked to do glam for and this exact thing happened. I had the wedding glam timeline prepared and was on schedule. Each bridesmaid knew exactly what time their makeup started and ended so that everyone could be on time for the ceremony. After I completed the 3rd bridesmaid's makeup, another bridesmaid asked if I had time for 2 more.

Can you imagine the heartache I felt for the bride in that moment? We both knew that this would happen. And after careful consideration, it was something that I could not do. If I did, it would've sacrificed the integrity of the other ladies' makeup, the bridal party would've been late, and I would've been late to my next appointment. After telling the bridesmaid that I couldn't do it, she got upset and actually left and went home. I was in TOTAL SHOCK!

As you can see proper planning and preparation is very crucial when coordinating glam for your wedding. If you haven't read your Bridal Beauty Checklist, you may do so here. To avoid this, I recommend bridesmaids:

1. As the bride, estimate the total investment for your bridal party's hair, makeup, nails, dress, shoes, etc. and have them agree to that amount prior to confirming their participation in your wedding.

3. Bring a picture of the style of makeup they would like

4.. Or if they’re really particular, they can book a makeup application with that contracted makeup artist

Remember, this day is all about YOU, the bride, and bringing your wedding vision to life. I know your girls want to look fierce and fabulous too (and they will), but to ensure this day is stress-free for you, your bridesmaids need to trust the research you've done to book talented professionals.

To inquire about my bridal makeup services and receive a custom quote, click here.

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