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How to Find the Perfect Makeup Artist for Your Wedding?

Picture this. Your wedding morning has arrived, and you wait excitedly for your makeup artist to arrive only for her to show up late. She sets up her kit and doesn't realize how far back she has put the schedule while your bridesmaids anxiously await their makeup appointment. The makeup artist becomes stressed and flustered because she has never done a wedding before and didn't take the time to prepare a timeline. It's now your turn for your glam (after the makeup artist has served 10 bridesmaids), and she is exhausted from standing on her feet for hours with no break. Your makeup is complete, and you hold the mirror up to see the final product only to be disappointed because your wedding day makeup is not what you've envisioned at all. Unfortunately, I've heard so many horror stories like these because a bride chose to skimp on this service or hire someone who doesn't specialize in bridal.

Now picture this. Your wedding day is finally here and it's not time for your walk down the aisle. Everyone stands, the double doors open, and you step down the aisle gazing at your soon-to-be spouse as tears well up in their eyes. Jaws are dropping and your guests are awestruck at your gorgeous gown, luminous skin, and your perfectly styled hair. This is what every bride dreams of, right? To ensure that you receive stunning and timeless makeup AND a 'stress-free' wedding morning, investing in a makeup artist who specializes in bridal is key. You need to look absolutely flawless in your wedding photos long after your wedding day is over, and your makeup has to last all night long. That's why your bridal glam is just as much of an investment as your photographer and videographer. Think about it this way, you should be able to look back on your photos 20+ years later and look exquisite, not dated with trendy makeup. A bridal makeup artist accentuates your natural features and enhances your bone structure, while creating a cohesive look that will compliment your gown, hair, and vision for your wedding day. Continue reading for tips on finding the perfect artist for your big day:

Get Inspired.

Gather inspirational photos of brides who have the same features and similar complexion as you. Decide on the type of look you would like and learn some makeup verbiage so you know how to properly communicate what you'd like. Also consider if where you are in your makeup journey and how you want to look. Do you wear makeup daily? Are you a makeup lover? How important is your bridal makeup on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being extremely important? Ask yourself these questions when considering which bridal makeup artist to book and be sure that their portfolio and client reviews reflect exactly what you want.

Ask the right questions.

Asking the right questions is crucial when vetting a bridal glam team. Here are some important ones to answer your potential hair and makeup artists:

What's your signature style?

How long have you been serving glam in wedding industry?

Where can I read some of your client reviews? (*Tip: Be sure the reviews reflect the quality of service you desire to have)

Do you have a contract?

What's the process for securing my wedding date?

Do you provide a hair/makeup trial in your price?

What products do you use to ensure my makeup lasts all night?

Where can I view your work?

Get Referrals.

There's nothing like a good ole referral from a trusted friend, family member, or wedding professional. You can ask them questions and learn more about their experiences from inquiring to wedding day services and beyond. At Tamar Israel Artistry, we value the collaborative experience with our clients to ensure that we bring their wedding glam vision to life. Click here to inquire and submit your bridal beauty profile.

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