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Mistakes to avoid when booking a bridal makeup artist

1. DIY-ing your own wedding day makeup. Before I became a professional makeup artist, I actually did my own wedding day makeup. And although, I loved my look I was super anxious that morning and believed I put my lashes on backwards. Your wedding morning should be stress-free and a time to focus on preparing for your future with your spouse-to-be. Not worrying about how to get your liner straight...allow yourself to get pampered and leave it to the professionals.

2. Not booking a bridal makeup preview (or trial). There should be absolutely NO surprises on your wedding day. Your bridal hair and makeup team should come in and seamlessly execute your look without asking you a ton of questions about how you want your brows to look or where you want your blush placed. Take the time to book a preview and a pro tip is to book it on the day of your dress fitting or bridal shower/bachelorette party.

3. Hiring a makeup artist who doesn't specialize in weddings. As an on-location makeup artist with over 7 years of experience servicing weddings, bridal makeup is so much more than makeup. It involves time management, coordination, using great judgement, and a great deal of multi-tasking. Find someone who has experience doing makeup for weddings who can execute your glam looks seamlessly.

4. Hiring a family member because he/she is really good at makeup. It's very important to hire a professional to ensure your makeup is long-wearing, timeless, and 'photo-ready' all night long. There's a lot of science, color theory, and product knowledge that goes into a makeup application. Book a trusted professional that specializes in weddings.

3. Not signing a contract. I can't tell you how many times a makeup artist has ghosted a bride because they overbooked themselves or just couldn't amount to the wedding day pressures. Protect yourself and the artist by hiring a team who has contractual agreements. This is not the day to stress sis!

4. Bringing inspirational photos of women who don't look like you. If you're not a huge makeup wearer

5. Hiring a glam team too late. Hiring a MUA too late. Hiring a glam team is often times the last vendor(s) a bride books, but they are just as important as your photographer. Your wedding photos will be the lasting items long after your wedding day is over. Invest in your glam and book your team early. Highly sought after teams and artists usually book out 6-12 months in advance. Save your date today!

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