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Should You Do Your Own Wedding Makeup?

I’m all for saving a good coin, but it’s expensive to be cheap. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional bridal makeup artist instead:

🌹Take it from someone who did their own bridal makeup, you DO NOT want to stress about how to get your liner straight or perfecting your foundation base flawlessly. Allow yourself to be pampered so you can focus on marrying the love of your life.

🌹 This will be an emotional day filled with laughter, tears, and sweat. You need your makeup to last through the waterworks and a professional makeup artist will be able to apply your makeup so that it stays all night long.

🌹 You’ve probably spent thousands on photography and videography to get lasting images of your celebration. You need to LOOK and FEEL absolutely stunning in those images, especially long after your wedding day is over.

🌹Professional Makeup Artists who specialize in bridal are well equipped and knowledgeable about products, trends, and techniques to execute your vision flawlessly. We can cater to your bridal party while ensuring you are on time for your walk down the aisle.

🌹 Indulging in an elevated bridal beauty experience will set the tone for your day. Getting glam with your girls while sipping mimosas is the best way to begin the celebration of your union. It’ll be a moment you won’t forget!



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