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Should You Do Your Wedding Makeup First or Hair?

When it comes to having a seamless and stress-free wedding morning, most brides misunderstand just how long it takes to get ready and what comes first. Hair or makeup? However, our team are the experts in coordinating your bridal beauty timeline so you ladies are punctual and looking fabulous for your walk down the aisle.

So what comes first? Hair or Makeup? The answer. It really doesn't matter because all wedding day hair styles are dry styling. Not only does styling on 1-2 day old, dry hair ensure your hair holds its style, it also cuts back on time. There simply isn't enough time on your wedding morning to wash, blow dry, AND style everyone's hair. If you're adamant about having freshly washed hair, then your hair (as the bride) should be styled before makeup is applied. We highly recommend that everyone in your bridal party has dry hair.

If we really want to get down to the details, the order of your hair and makeup will truly depend on what hair style you're getting. If you have a dramatic swoop bang then consider getting your makeup done first. But, if you're getting bombshell, glamour waves or curls you'll want to get your hair curled and pinned to set, makeup next

, then your hairstylist will finish styling your hair. This ensures your curls last all day so you are camera ready throughout the night.

Our bridal glam team will use great judgement to serve you ladies with excellence. Sometimes unexpected events occur on the wedding morning and often times there needs to be adjustments in the schedule, including getting hair and makeup at the same time. Regardless, our team is committed to ensuring you look and feel absolutely stunning so you radiate with joy long after your wedding day is over.

Want to share your wedding glam vision and learn how we can best serve you? Book a complimentary consultation with us today.

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