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How to Plan and Prepare for your Wedding Glam

When it comes to your bridal glam, most brides overlook the details of establishing a bridal beauty routine to achieve flawless, ‘jaw-dropping’ glam. I believe that bridal makeup is a collaboration between the bride and makeup artist. In fact, your makeup will only be as good as your skincare and consistency. As a professional makeup artist, I work heavily in the color realm but when it comes to texture on your skin…that’s for your esthetician!

Aside from the glam, there are a lot of logistics to consider when planning and preparing for your wedding glam. For example, deciding on a 'get-ready' location, coordinating times and schedules for your glam team, deciding on how you want your hair styled and makeup to can be overwhelming for sure. That's why I highly recommend booking experienced vendors who specialize in weddings, because they know how to navigate the demands of the wedding morning while ensuring to provide you with stunning glam.

Want more tips like these? Download your free, all-inclusive Bridal Beauty Checklist here.

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