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Why is Bridal Makeup so Expensive?

We have to address the elephant in the room...


Let’s talk about it!

I know you were probably wondering, so let’s talk about it! Most brides have never planned a wedding before and often question why bridal prices are much higher than a traditional makeup application. Their concerns are totally valid, especially with the rise of wedding costs, so let’s dive deep into exactly why bridal makeup is SO expensive and discover what you're paying for when you book a bridal makeup artist.

According to Brides, bridal makeup can range from $100-$350+ and that may not include a trial, travel, or your bridal party makeup. As an industry professional, I've seen makeup only packages go for $1000+. And in my 10 years of experience in the industry, here's what I've learned:

  • When hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, most people misunderstand the value in hiring someone who specializes in bridal, because bridal makeup is so much more than just makeup

  • Most of the time, brides hire someone who is really good at applying makeup but they aren’t an expert in applying makeup that is suitable for photography and video, or have no experience in servicing weddings

  • What happens if your makeup artist cancels at the last minute and you’re out of your deposit AND your bridal glam? Hiring a professional who has years of experience in bridal and a team is KEY!

  • And with COVID still being a thing, most brides overlook the importance of proper sanitation for makeup products and application

If I’m going to be honest, wedding makeup is so much more than just makeup. Not only does your wedding makeup artist bring your beauty vision to life and create an unforgettable experience as you prepare for your walk down the aisle, but your artist is skilled at: coordination, time management, people management, emergency skills (i.e. hair styling, sewing, tying bows, gathering bustles) and more.

Makeup artists who specialize in bridal have years of experience in color theory to ensure their color choices fit their client's skin tone, eye color, and direction for the makeup look. They can ask investigative questions to translate the bride’s idea into reality and are highly skilled at cosmetic product ingredients; even how certain product ingredients react with others. A bridal makeup artist is also knowledgeable about current and everlasting beauty styles, administrative duties, and effective sanitary practices.

Aside from their professional skills that you’re paying for, you’re also investing in quality, high performing professional makeup that is designed for 4K and HD cameras. With the advancement of technology, so comes the innovation and advancement of beauty products that not only perform well but translate beautifully on photography and film. And that comes at a price! Working makeup artists literally spend thousands of dollars on products for their kit to provide a range of formulas for different skin types, skin color variations, and other products that will give a successful application for any scenario and every client. Although makeup is a luxury, I believe wedding makeup is not. Your bridal makeup artist will travel to you with a fully equipped makeup kit, director's chair, professional lighting, and any other supplies necessary to execute the look of your dreams and for your bridal party.

Imagine this. A bride may spend hundreds of dollars on facials and skincare to ensure her skin is luminous for her wedding day, but a bridal party member may not do the same and will need extra love and care on the wedding day. The hired makeup artist will notice the bridesmaid's skin condition and apply products accordingly to ensure her skin is hydrated and ready to receive the makeup, while also ensuring the makeup is gorgeous and long wearing. Not to mention, the activities the night before can be extremely harsh on the skin (i.e. drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, etc.) causing bags under the eyes and dehydrated skin. A bridal makeup artist is equipped with all the tools and products necessary to handle these situations.

Now picture this. Your wedding morning has arrived, and you wait excitedly for your makeup artist to arrive only for her to show up late. She sets up her kit and doesn't realize how far back she has put the schedule while your bridesmaids anxiously await their makeup appointment. The makeup artist becomes stressed and flustered because she has never done a wedding before and didn't take the time to prepare a timeline. It's now your turn for your glam (after the makeup artist has served 10 bridesmaids), and she is exhausted from standing on her feet for hours with no break. Your makeup is complete, and you hold the mirror up to see the final product only to be disappointed because your wedding day makeup is not what you've envisioned at all. Unfortunately, I've heard so many horror stories like these because a bride chose to skimp on this service or hire someone who doesn't specialize in bridal.

Now picture this. Your wedding day is finally here and it's not time for your walk down the aisle. Everyone stands, the double doors open, and you step down the aisle gazing at your soon-to-be spouse as tears well up in their eyes. Jaws are dropping and your guests are awestruck at your gorgeous gown, luminous skin, and your perfectly styled hair. This is what every bride dreams of, right? To ensure that you receive stunning and timeless makeup AND a 'stress-free' wedding morning, I highly recommend investing in a makeup artist who specializes in bridal. You need to look absolutely flawless in your wedding photos long after your wedding day is over, and your makeup has to last all night long. That's why your bridal glam is just as much of an investment as your photographer and videographer. Think about it this way, you should be able to look back on your photos 20+ years later and look exquisite, not dated with trendy makeup. A bridal makeup artist accentuates your natural features and enhances your bone structure, while creating a cohesive look that will compliment your gown, hair, and vision for your wedding day. Sometimes, social media can blur our expectations and desires, but consider where you are in your makeup journey and how you want to look. Do you wear makeup daily? Are you a makeup lover? How important is your bridal makeup on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being extremely important? Ask yourself these questions when considering which bridal makeup artist to book and be sure that their portfolio and client reviews reflect exactly what you want.

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